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Sai Ram to all Sai Baba to Devotes,

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Greetings 2011

Sai Baba (Shirdi) appearance in a marriage ceremony Sai Devotees,
Please read this  with full love and devotion.
I would like to share with you all an incident of Shirdi Baba's appearance during a wedding. The incident of Baba's appearance, the version of which I have heard, is as follows.
The bride who is a devotee of Baba went along with her parents to Shirdi a few days before her marriage. She grew so emotional there that she wept before the Samadhi of Baba with an invitation to attend her marriage. Later the marriage was performed as planned. After the marriage celebrations was over the bride remembered her prayer to Baba at Shirdi and then wept in the night just before going to bed that she never experienced Baba's presence during the marriage.
That night Baba came in her dream and said: "Do not feel sad. I was there during your marriage. Open the album of photographs of your marriage and see the photo where you are all going in the procession. You can see me in that photo."
The same photo is attached.
Jai Sai Ram,
March 2004
Baba Appeared at Purnahuthi Homam, of 108 days of Sai Mantra Chanting

A couple from Karnataka, had a 108 days of “Sai Chanting”(Deeksha ) and on the last day they performed “Homam” .  Wonder!!! Sai baba made his presence during pooja performed by the family for 108 days.
They found “Sai Baba” present in the function.  Actually these 4-pictures were captured using a ” Mobile ” , but the same was not be found in any of the video’s or photograph’s taken during the day.
This photo taken from the one Sai Devotees house. She is at present doing a software job. She daily reads at least one chapter from Shirdi SAI BABA Satcharitha. Baba belssed her like this way. Udi is coming From the Statue of Sainath Maharaj from Five years. The Udi is so soft like wheat powder. This is from the village Nidumolulaku, Movva Mandal, Krishna Dist, A.P, India.

SaiMaharaj with one eye opened
After the reports of Lord Ganapathi idols drinking milk, bleeding of Christ, now it seems it’s the turn of Sai Baba. On 17th July 2008, Gurupoornima day, also celebrated as birthday of Sai Baba, a one foot idol of Sai Baba with one eye opened has attracted lakhs of theists and atheists in awe, admiration, Love, devotion and some with doubts to the house of A Babu at Gavipuram Guttahalli, Bengaluru. Important to note is that, after this event, after two days, it is reported that even in Nelamangala (near Bangalore) such two incidents of Sai Baba idol opening his eye are reported.
This is a wonderful experience given to the Devotees from Baba…
– God Bless us All -